The Family Car is a lesson designed for use in adult ESL (English as Second Language) classes. It introduces basic information about how and where to recycle used motor oil and filters for people who change their own oil.

C2: Alternative Services developed the lesson with funding from the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), formerly the California Integrated Waste Management Board. This is an ongoing program, with several important elements:

Location Specific

The lesson is tailored to each local area where it is taught, so that students receive specific information on oil recycling locations.

Teacher Orientation

Teachers in each area are given an orientation to the lesson and the key messages that students should learn about recycling oil and filters.

Provided Materials

All class materials are provided to each ESL program, including various teaching aids.

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General Information

About the Lesson

Learn about why this lesson was developed, what the goals of the project are, how it is funded and how it has been successful in meeting its goals.

More Resources

  • Web Resources: We provide web resources to learn more about used motor oil and other automotive wastes; along with general recycling and other environmental information.
  • By County. Download specific information prepared for locations where funding is available for the Family Car program.
  • Related Topics. Resources on climate change and on the value of living without an automobile.
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